The “Art of Tasteful Boasting” Audio is Live! has made the audio of last week’s “Art of Tasteful Boasting” audio available for all to hear, along with the accompanying PowerPoint presentation. See what you missed us all discuss on the blog! I know the folks over there have a lot more free music-business-centric webinars and panels planned in the future to help artists navigate the increasingly-wooly industry, so I highly recommend continuing to check them out.


In other news, I’m learning a lot by doing all these little writing and marketing workshops and am so grateful I keep getting asked.


More interesting observational tidbits (including a proper blog post from me on something not promotional) will be coming to this space soon …

The Art of Tasteful Boasting Webinar

Here’s some more info about an interesting Webinar I’ll be participating in on Thursday, April 25 at 12 p.m. EST — “The Art of Tasteful Boasting” courtesy of with fellow marketing experts Chris Robley of CD Baby and Jem Bahaijub of imaginePR.



We’ll be talking about how to write a press-worthy biography and tagline as a musician and the many challenges that come with it and covering topics related to finding your narrative voice as an artist, overcoming writer’s block. There will also be time for attendee questions.

Hope you’ll join me! You can register here.

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